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Cisco router Log error

In one of my router error come like this while put the show log command.

*Feb 23 13:20:17.591 India: %SYS-4-CONFIG_RESOLVE_FAILURE: System config parse f

rom (tftp:// failed

*Feb 23 13:29:37.013 India: %SYS-4-CONFIG_RESOLVE_FAILURE: System config parse f

rom (tftp:// failed

What is the error???if it is any major issue.


Cisco router Log error

The error message “%SYS-4-CONFIG_RESOLVE_FAILURE : System config parse from ([chars])
failed” means that the configuration file at the URL specified in the error message could
not be read.

That is a service on the router that looks for tftp servers on the network, and if it
finds a tftp server running, it tries to find certain filenames on it (such as
network-confg, cisconet.cfg, etc). If it finds those filenames, then it will download them
and merge them with the running configs.

The router generates these messages due to the command “service config”, 

Recommended Action: Enter the "no service config" command to disable the autoloading of
configuration files or investigate why the TFTP load is failing.

The high CPU is caused by the EXEC process. The Exec process in Cisco IOS® software is
responsible for communication on the tty lines (console, auxiliary, asynchronous) of the
router. If there is a lot of data
transferred through these sessions, the CPU utilization for the Exec process increases. 
possibly disable the console logging and the service config feature.
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