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Cisco router support for WCCP

I am trying to find an up-to-date list of all Cisco routers that are WCCP-capable, and the IOS version(s) that are supported on each of these routers. Can someone please indicate where I can locate this information?



Re: Cisco router support for WCCP


I was unable to find a list of all platforms/software that supports WCCP. I would recommend using the feature navigator to search through the database for whichever router and software combination you may be looking for.



Re: Cisco router support for WCCP

It's also supported on the 4500 and 6500 series switches. If you look at the link it states to check the feature navigator, as Mark stated.

New Member

Re: Cisco router support for WCCP

It is difficult to generalize platform selection with WCCP.

To answer the question meaningfully your search has to be more specific than WCCP-capable routers. There are many caveats to WCCP and the presence or absence of specific WCCP features (and how they are intended to be used) will make or break your deployment. Nearly every deployment is scenario dependent (on many different factors) and with the inclusion of a third-party vendor there would be additional dependencies.

Previous posts (from Mark Yeates and Collin Clark) point out the Cisco Feature Navigator (CFN) and it is an excellent tool for tracking down features.

With CFN you can (nearly) precisely track down WCCP features that are available on specific platforms and IOS releases.

Cisco Feature Navigator has these seven (7) WCCP feature categories available:

1 WCCP Layer 2 PFC Redirection

2 WCCP Redirection on Inbound Interfaces

3 WCCP Version 1

4 WCCP Version 2

5 WCCP L2 Return

6 WCCP Layer 2 Redirection / Forwarding

7 WCCP Mask Assignment

Comments on available CFN WCCP categories

• Category #2 is necessary if you'd like to selectively redirect traffic with the granularity of an ACL

• Category #3 is irrelevant to a WCCPv2 search

• Categories #6 and #7 were introduced in July/August and although older releases may have these features, but they may not show up in a CFN search.

The practical use of this information is subjective and dependent on very specific details that were absent from the initial request. Very general guidance on WCCPv2 in recent L2, L3 and L2/L3 platforms:

• L3 devices with the WCCPv2 feature will be capable of WCCP GRE Returns and Hash assignment. Example: Cisco 7200.

• L2 (Catalyst) devices with the WCCPv2 feature will be capable of WCCP L2 Returns and Mask assignment. Example: Catalyst 4500 with Supervisor V.

• High-end L2/L3 platforms with WCCPv2 support will be capable of both GRE and L2 Returns and both Mask and Hash assignment. Example: Supervisor 720 with 12.2(18)SXF11

One possible starting point is to use the compare feature (on CFN) to compare a Supervisor 720 with a Safe Harbor release like 12.2(18)SXF11 to your intended platform/IOS release to compare and contrast the differences. You may discover that a compatible platform/IOS release is missing an important non-wccp feature that your intended use is dependent on.

After identifying h/w and s/w that has the specific features you are looking for then review the bugs listed in the Cisco Bug Toolkit or with less intensity by reviewing release notes.