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Cisco routers & OPNET simulation

Folks, I have been using Opnet for network & application analysis and it has been working great.

Last week I saw a presentation in which an Opnet module was used to run simulations of BGP<->OSPF redistribution. From what was presented to me, we could import Cisco IOS configuration from our production environment into Opnet. Then we could make changes in the BGP,OSPF, etc configuration and run the simulation, watching the routing behavior, paths, etc caused by such configuration change before making the changes in production.

That sounds appealing to me.

Anyone here has actually used Opnet in depth in order to tell me whether the feature I mentioned above is practical and efficient?


Re: Cisco routers & OPNET simulation

I think Currently, there is no way to feed data directly from Cisco IP Solution Center Traffic Engineering Management into WANDL or OpNet for simulation.

Using the OPNET SRP modeling simulation, of the usage fairness of DPT/SRP fiber ring networks with arbitrary IP packet traffic, including general TCP/IP packet delay properties with respect to low priority packets and high-priority voice packets traversing hierarchical DPT network rings.

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