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Cisco Routing Issue

We have a network in which our core router is at a main facility using a third party MPLS network and routes are populated using BGP. Core Router Cisco 3925 is connected to ISP on Gig0/1 and then to third party MPLS on Gig0/2. I am routing some subnets to all those locations which share this ISP internet:

ip route ISP interface

ip route public /25 subnet A to next hope MPLS Provider

ip route private /16 subnet B to next hope MPLS Provider


x.x.x.1/30 is to connect to MPLS provider on VLAN 649.

Above setup is working fine but....

There is another router at a remote site where our config is as under on a cisco 2811:


Interface to MPLS provider FE0/0.650:

VLAN 650 with a /30 subnet

Interface to Host Network:

Primary subnet is /27 of public /25 subnet A

Secondary subnet /24 of private /16 Subnet B

on FE 0/1 I have a public  IP address of x.x.x.3/27


What would be the requirements for routes in order to access host network from outside the network.


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On the FE 0/1 you must

On the FE 0/1 you must configure ip nat outside

On the FE 0/0 you must configure ip nat inside

in the global configuration you must configure ip nat inside source static ip_internal ip_external


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