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Cisco Wan Manager 10.5 question/problem

Yes this is very old, but I hope someone can help me out here.  Lost a disk that had CWM 10.5, Informix and the Informix raw partitions(don't ask me about the build, I inherited it) on it.  New disk, recreated everything, restored CWM and Informix from backup, re-added the dB chunks and then ran a coldstart -F .  CWM comes up fine, connects to its gateway and can see the BPXs and MGXs out there.  The problem is with Statistics Manager, we can not enable stats collection on any device, we get a timeout.  Looked in process.conf and svplus.conf which both have the correct get_str and set_str.  I am unsure where CWM gets the info to put the get_str and set_str in the node_info table in the Informix dB, but it seems to be incorrect.  When Stats is trying to connect to a switch to enable it, it is either sending a blank or Public as the string.  I am unsure which because the log file shows this:

scmctrlsvr.log:(   27354:  43) 17:54:31 DEBUG: %ScmCtrl-7-SNMP_GET: snmpget host[NODENAME],ip[IPADDRESS],get_community[],varBind[ name: 1 3 6 1 4 1 351 100 4 4 1 1 0 

It is empty in that string, but if we set the get community on the switch to Public it actually works.

So my questions are these:

Is it sending a blank or is it sending Public by default?  If it is sending blank, why and how can we fix that?

How can we update all the devices in the Informix dB to have the correct community strings if they are wrong?

At first I thought I could just do a big update in the dB since they are just char(33) values, but it seems CWM encrypts each entry like this:

node_id          61

node_name NODE

get_str          %iT,=Dql9})RGfOsA3{SG"IM;vMJ&D^~&

set_str          O2'`_!K+v3){)C/<$F&:#Ym2!cf,v_#JQ

ftp_user_name USER

ftp_user_passwd  [>7Xy+bH%Aw\/o2o(Iq-_!1Y!dyU]RJS\

descriptor       unknown

mode             0

ipaddress IP

model            8620

active           0



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Cisco Wan Manager 10.5 question/problem

Anyone?  Somewhere out there is a CWM genius that knows the answer to this.

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