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Citrix over GRE VPN


I need some guidelines on how I can improve performance for our XenDesktop users in Singapore complaining about slowness with email and worksite document management system now centralised in London.

Currently we have Implemented Cisco 3925 routers with GRE VPN over IPSEC using EIGRP protocol between remote office and London. Also running latest riverbed a which provided citrix ica optimisation. Singapore have a local 10mb internet connection and London 80mb.

I understand that the encryption and decryption of packets adds additional latency as opposed to using Citrix over normal Internet connection.

Is there anything I need to do on the Cisco 3925 that will help increase performance ?

Any advice and guidelines would be welcome.

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Citrix over GRE VPN

You can do GRE without encryption. That will decrease latency, increase MTU, and be beneficial.

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Re: Citrix over GRE VPN


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Some things to insure, if you're not doing already.

Insure your VPN routers have very little need to fragment packets.

Don't share your Internet VPN links with non-VPN traffic.

Use shapers to insure any congestion can be managed by you.

Prioritize Citrix traffic over other traffic, except perhaps for real-time traffic (e.g. VoIP).

Insure your average Citrix doesn't exceed 50% of bandwidth, better would be not to exceed 1/3.

If your Citrix allows for disk-to-disk and/or printing, use NBAR to prioritize that traffic lower than Citrix screen scraping traffic.


If your applications have moved from LAN to WAN, especially on the other side of the world, realize even at very best, no WAN can perform as well as the LAN due to distance based latency.

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Re: Citrix over GRE VPN

GRE without encryption , can this be removed between specific sites or does this have to be done for all sites ? If how do I configure ?

MTU between tunnels is set to 1400 due to GRE packet header overhead.

Is there any configuration examples for prioritising Citrix traffic on Cisco 3925 ?
I guess it would make sense since we share VPN traffic with Internet wireless traffic.

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Re: Citrix over GRE VPN

Just configure gre/multipoint DMVPN.

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Re: Citrix over GRE VPN

No sorry that is alot of disruption and down time.

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