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CMTS - Load Balancing Questions

Good day,

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<br />I'm looking for some assistance. If an interface full of cable modem customers is converted from a single to dual downstream or upstream, i've heard of scenarios where the load balancing stops functioning and needs to be restarted or reset. I checked the cisco command site and noticed "clear cable load-balance". If I perform "clear cable load-balance state" will this actually reset load balancing? Are there other commands which will stop and start (re-initiate) load balancing on all cable interfaces off a UBR10K cisco cmts device?

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<br />I'm also wondering what type of command can be used for testing load balancing on dual downstream. I noticed the command "test cable load-balance 00.00.00 (mac address). This looks to be testing dual upstream I believe, I receive this response if I attempt the command on a device load balancing on a dual downstream interface "No second upstream channel in same load balancing group.

<br />Skipping test.Test summary:

<br />No second upstream channel in same load balancing group.

<br />Skipping test.Test summary:"

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<br />Are there commands to test cable modem load balancing on dual downstream interfaces?

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<br />Thanks much!

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Re: CMTS - Load Balancing Questions

anyone out there from ISP? :)

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