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Compression on 7200


I have a need for a hardware compression on 7206VXR. CSA module is EoL long time ago, and we have SA-VAM2+. We don't want to use IPSec or any VPNs, but only hardware assisted compression on PPP or HDLC links. I saw on SA-VAM+ datasheet that it supports LZS compression, but I couldn't find any example where it says how this hardware compression is configured.

Does any one have some guidelines?




Re: Compression on 7200

It is not as such specific.

It is general configuration same on all devices.

you have to give only one command " comp stac "

Stacker is using LZS algoritham.

Predicater uses RAND algoritham.

You can get more details at following link:::


Dharmesh Purohit

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Re: Compression on 7200


Well, I've enabled compression on interface...

interface Serial3/1

description To R9

ip address 150.*.*.*.255.255.128

encapsulation ppp

ip route-cache flow

compress lzs

no dce-terminal-timing-enable

And I have SA-VAM2+, and not CSA port-adapters that you've sent a link for it.

Here's show compress...

r6#sh comp


Software compression enabled

uncompressed bytes xmt/rcv 7630074/7651554

compressed bytes xmt/rcv 361386/349661

Compressed bytes sent: 361386 bytes 0 Kbits/sec ratio: 21.113

Compressed bytes recv: 349661 bytes 0 Kbits/sec ratio: 21.882

1 min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.691/1.877

5 min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.913/1.723

10 min avg ratio xmt/rcv 0.941/1.772

no bufs xmt 0 no bufs rcv 0

resyncs 1

... as you can see, compression is done in software.

Here's the details about SA-VAM2+ PA card:

VPN Acceleration Module Version II+ in slot : 2

Statistics for Hardware VPN Module since the last clear

of counters 3116712 seconds ago

0 packets in 0 packets out

0 bytes in 0 bytes out

0 paks/sec in 0 paks/sec out

0 Kbits/sec in 0 Kbits/sec out

0 pkts compressed 0 pkts not compressed

0 bytes before compress 0 bytes after compress

1.0:1 compression ratio 1.0:1 overall

7463 commands out 7463 commands acknowledged

Last 5 minutes:

0 packets in 0 packets out

0 paks/sec in 0 paks/sec out

0 bits/sec in 0 bits/sec out

HSP details:

hsp_operations : 7478 hsp_sessions : 1



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