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config register for system image

I have two images on a swutch, and like to load the newer one.  But I do not know what config register setting to use.  Is there a way to findout what number I need to set confreg to?  I also used the "system boot" statement, and put in the image that I want to boot from, and removed the boot statement for the previous image.  But I still get stuck in romon, and have to use "boot bootflash:..." statement to load the ios.

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Re: config register for system image

which device are you using ie. router/L3 switch etc.

What is the current config register set to ie. "sh version"

Where is the image located

What is your boot statement at the moment


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Re: config register for system image

Hi John,

   These are great questions; I found an excellent email thrgough google which helped me figure out that I need to use the command boot system flash bootflash:blahblahimage in order to set the bootvar.  I am good at this point.  While I have your and other gurus' attention, I like to get a better understanding of what various bits in the config register mean.  So I am looking at the link:

And seems no matter what I changed the register to, I ended up with the same situation in romon monde.  Now part of that is because I don't have a flash in this chassis.  Regardless, I feel I need a better understanding of what these various register settings mean, and I need to be able to verify it by changing them, and actually see the chassis behave differently.  So any comment to better explain this is certainly appreciated.  Is there another document that explains the config register settings in more detail?

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