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Configuration with Web Filter

I am using a Cisco 3845 with an IOS firewall. I have been tasked to setup a Web Filter. The problem I have is I have to intercept the traffice for 4 WAN links, send them out an ethernet port to the web filter then back to to another ethernet port out to the Internet via another WAN port. I have tried setting the default path from the router to the first network card in my web filter, then setting the second network card in my web filter to use a default route of the Internet connection. This does not work.

Any help will be greatly apprecitated. If there is another way to attempt this I am open to all suggestions.

thanks in advance


Re: Configuration with Web Filter

As far as I know, the PIX Firewall only works with a N2H2 or Websense to deny/permit users from access websites (filter URL/WWW traffic) based on the company security policy.


Re: Configuration with Web Filter

Does your filter support WCCP. This feature is used to run transparent proxy cache. It in some ways makes it easier to setup. Most the configuration is done in the server.

If you can't use wccp you need to use policy routing to do what you propose. When your routing decision is based on source address or interface you have few options but to use policy based routing

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