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Configure 6500 switch

I have a 6500 switch connected to a router and I need to use redundancy to the ISP . I need to connect a port from the switch to ISP.

When I tried to enable the port as routed port and add the encapsulation dot1q 2 , I received this message .

Command rejected: VLAN 2 cannot be allocated. VLANs 1-1005 are VTP VLANs
VTP mode is client or server and must be changed to Transparent to use VLANs 1-1005

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Re: Configure 6500 switch

A few concerns about what you've put..

1. On which device are you having the problems?  If it is the 6500 switch then it sounds like you're entering the same commands as you have on the router's sub-interface.  On the switch you should have something along the lines of:-

conf t

interface vlan 2

ip address 192.168.x.x 255.255.255.x

no shut

interface fastethernet 3/12

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan 2

2. I hope you're not connecting directly from your ISP to your core network without going through a firewall, that would be silly, even if it is just a pass-through VLAN then it still carries risks.

3. If you are running VTP then be sure about if VLAN 2 is used elsewhere on the VTP domain.  You could end up overwriting existing setup.

I'm not on here much, so may not be able to respond to any further info you post.

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Re: Configure 6500 switch

Thanks for quick response.

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