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Configure non configured switch via CDP/


is it possible to configure a switch via cdp?

Here is the situation:

At a remote site, a customer added by himself a cat2960 switch. From my work, i have access to the site's router via internet and i can see the new switch as a cdp neighbor. But the switch has the default, factory setup.

Is it possible to assign an IP and a tty password via cdp so later i can make more advanced configuration?




Re: Configure non configured switch via CDP/

Hi Anthony,

I dont think you can do any configuration via CDP.

Unfortunately u have to assign the swtch an ip and enable telnet access and then try configuring the switch


New Member

Re: Configure non configured switch via CDP/

I asked that because i think that you can configure a switch with CMS plugin even if there is no ip configured on it.

i guess CMS does this using CDP?

Thanks again


Re: Configure non configured switch via CDP/


I dont think so that you can manage a switch with no ip address configured on it via CMS. To connect to CMS on that switch you have to enable HTTP support on it and then manage it by the http request to the switch.

You cannot configure the switch by using CDP. You have to give it and Ip and telent access to manage it remotely.


-amit singh

New Member

Re: Configure non configured switch via CDP/

Ami Hi,

in another site where there were one 3550 and 7-8 2950 i did the following and worked:

1. Connected to the 3550 via console and assign to it IP, enable password, tty password etc.

2.i just powered on the rest of the 2950 without any config.

3. I connected to the 3550 via cms.

4. It discovered all the 2950 and configured through it's Java interface!!

I guess that has something to do with cdp and i wanted to know if it can be done via cli.


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