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configure SAP-1602i using GUI

I am very concerned regarding my setup options for this AP. What is the purpose in providing a GUI, if there is no documentation that demonstrates how to use it? While I am confident that given time and training I can become proficient using the CLI, right now I would very much like to simply put this AP to work. I originally set up a WAP321 as my AP without realizing that it was NOT concurrent dual-band, but only selectable. It was very easy to configure. I have purchased the SAP-1602i to replace it so that I can reduce the load on the 2.4G band, I now am very much regretting this decision. Can anyone point me to concise and detailed documentation for the GUI on this device? The go to paper that everyone links "IOS Software Configuration Guide of Aironet Access Points 15.2(4)" is a total joke regarding the GUI. The screenshots do not match what I am viewing, and only the Express tabs are addressed (which don't even exist in the same scope on my unit). Using the GUI, I am apparently unable to simply create a WPA encrypted SSID and enable the radios. How is it even possible that something that basic cannot be achieved using the GUI?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. My network setup is as follows ...

broadband gateway for internet over cable controlling VLAN1 on the SG 200-26P for general browsing, SonicWall TZ210 forming a VPN tunnel to the office which utilizes VLAN2. The AP is supposed to provide wireless connectivity for VLAN2.

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