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Configure switch from firewall.

We have a Cisco 2950 managable switch. It's sitting between our ISP router and our own firewall. It's configured with its own private IP network. We want to be able to manage it from behind our firewall. Is this possible? Please show me the directions to it. Thanks


Re: Configure switch from firewall.

All you need to do is to add routes on your internal network for that switch Telnet address and add internal host IP to the switch.

Allow telnet out to that IP, if not already permitted.


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Re: Configure switch from firewall.

I configured the switch's default gateway using my FW's IP, I also added a static route to the switch in the firewall. But it's still not working yet. I cannot ping the switch from internal network. The switch I have is a Ciso Catalyst 2950 layer 2 switch. I heard I would need a layer 3 switch to do what I ask for? Please confirm.

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Re: Configure switch from firewall.

open a policy in FW

internal ip>>>>switch ip allow telnet permit and no NAT

switch ip >>>>>>internal network allow and telent permitted

HTH if than rate

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