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Configuring 837 via CRWS not saving.

I am trying to configure a cisco 837 router via the CRWS.

I have logged into the CRWS and chose "Reset to Factory Defaults" then i connect to

I chose "Quick Setup" and i am trying to configure the following:

Connection: PPPoA

username: user@comtek.broadband

password: testPassword




I untick Test my Connection to the internet and click Next.

A little window pops up saying "Delivering the Quick Setup parameters to the router. Please Wait..."

This progress bar goes to the end, and starts all over again. It will do this indefinately and not actually save the configuration.

The progress bar does exactly the same when i choose "Advanced Setup-> Scenario Setup-> DSL Service (PPPoA), dynamic (automatic) IP address and imported DNS"

However, I can goto "Advanced Feature Configuration" and change the Ethernet LAN Port IP address.

Is there anything I can try to get this working?

Has anyone come accross this problem before? Anyone know how it is fixed? I wouldnt mind putting SDM on this instead, so i might go that route.

I have access to the router and am familiar with the Cisco IOS CLI.

How would i configure the router for that via the CLI?

This router is running the following: IOS 12.3(2)XC2 Cisco IOS Image, CRWS Version

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Re: Configuring 837 via CRWS not saving.

I followed the guide "Switching from Cisco Router Web Setup to Cisco Router and Security Device Manager" found at

It turned out I had SDM already installed and now I am using that instead, version 1.2.

My problem now is PPPoE and RFC 1483 Routing are only supported via SDM for the WAN interface. I need to set this up for PPPoA.

I will find out if a later version of SDM supports this.

But failing that, I will be back to needing to know how to configure this via CLI. Any help in that area will be greatly appreciated.


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