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Configuring 857W with VLAN and ADSL

Hi there

Recently the office where I work bought a new Cisco 857W router and I was given the task of setting it up. I am completely new to Cisco routers and it is giving me a headache!

I have used the configuration guide found here:

[The guide uses a spreadsheet to automatically generate the commands needed with the values entered in the "variables" page. Spreadsheet is attached]

and have successfully configured the router with a VLAN made up of an internal LAN and private WLAN. However, the guide covers DSL over Ethernet, not ADSL connections over PPPoA which is what I need and so far I have been unsuccessful in getting pcs on my network talking to the Internet.

I have however managed to get the router talking to the Internet using the SDM to set it up. Unfortunately I can't work out how to get the router to get the traffic moving between the Internet and the VLAN.

I think it is likely an issue with the NAT and I am just missing something blatantly obvious but it has eluded me for days!

I cannot post a config file as I do not currently have access to the router. I will post one as soon as I am able.

I would be incredibly grateful if someone could possibly modify the commands given in the spreadsheet to fit an ADSL connection. However any help given will be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance.


Re: Configuring 857W with VLAN and ADSL

The following document, "Basic Router Configuration" for the 850 and 870 series routers, it may be helpful:

Community Member

Re: Configuring 857W with VLAN and ADSL

Hi there. Thanks for your reply but I have sorted it now :)

The day after I posted this thread I spotted a mistake in the config - there was a 1 instead of a 0! I completely forgot about this thread else I would have updated it.

Thanks again though.

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