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Configuring Chanelized T3 circuit

I have a chanelized DS3 circuit with M13 framing from the Telco. What are the suggestions on buying the Port Adapter for the router, so that I can provide T1s to multiple customers. Will the PA-2T3 work?

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Re: Configuring Chanelized T3 circuit

Yes, the PA-2T3 will work, but that's an End of Life (EOL) product. Unless you're getting a good deal via eBay, you should look at the PA-2T3+, which is the substitute hardware:

The main difference for between the two is the support for scrambling with the PA-2T3+. This might not be an issue for you, FWIW.

The interesting note from the document linked above is that PA-2T3 is not supported in new IOS versions since 9/22/2004. Again, this may not be an issue.




Justin White, CCIE #14745, MCSE

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Re: Configuring Chanelized T3 circuit

I have the PA-2T3 installed, the IOS is ver. 12.0(7) but it does not let me configure individual T1s. I check with Cisco TAC and they say I will need to buy the PA-MC-2T3. The PA-MC-2T3 is too expensive to make sense for service provider, but is there any suggestion on how I can configure T1s on PA-2T3.



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Re: Configuring Chanelized T3 circuit

Doh! Yes, to break out the individual T1s as separate interfaces you will need the Multichannel version of the DS3 card. You won't be able to make the channels avaiable as individual interfaces without it. You would do the same thing with an external box, but then you're paying for extra cabling and such.

Bottom line is that you will be able to terminate the DS3 using M13 framing, but you won't be able to then break out the T1s using the PA-2T3 card. :/

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Re: Configuring Chanelized T3 circuit

You should also look into the PA-MC-T3+ or the PA-MC-2T3+. The PA-MC-2T3+ provides you with the capability to configure the port adapter in channelized

(which you stated in you needed) or in unchannelized mode (Providing you with a full T3 Port)

Neither PA-T3+ or the PA-2T3+ support channelization, which you need.

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