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Configuring Frame-Relay and the Frame-Relay Switch To Participate in WAN Routing


My WAN in my voice lab is currently functional between all of my routers HQ, BR1, and BR1 with full-mesh connectivity.  I am using my PSTN router for the frame-relay switching as is shown in the attached configs.  I have used the connect commands for the PVC routing logic.  


connect HQ-BR1 Serial0/3/0 101 Serial0/2/0 201 
connect HQ-BR2 Serial0/3/0 102 Serial0/2/1 301 
connect BR1-BR2 Serial0/2/0 202 Serial0/2/1 302 


My question concerns the possibility of getting the PSTN router to participate in the WAN and the OSPF routing process?  The connect command tells how the PVCs are to be connected and pass through the PSTN router.  Is there anyway to do it so that a PVC connects to the PSTN router itself?

I would specifically like to create a connection between the HQ and PSTN router over the WAN.  If anyone has any insight on this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.


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Hello Adam,you don't need to

Hello Adam,

you don't need to do FR switching.

You just need to configure a back to back PVC associated to a p2p subinterface under PSTN router interface se0/3/0 and HQ:se0/1/0. the new PVC can be 103 on both sides




interface ser0/3/0.103 point-to-point

ip address

frame-relay interface-dlci 103



interface ser0/1/0.103 point-to-point

ip address

frame-relay interface-dlci 103


note: I was able to do this using the older syntax frame-relay route under interface configuration on frame relay switch. I would expect to work for you too with newer syntax connect.


Hope to help


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Have a look at my explanation

Have a look at my explanation of Frame-Relay here...
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