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Configuring SDM on 831 to allow FTP traffic

On my 831 FA1 has my uplink from my 2950. My FTP server has multiple NIC's for load balance in my office. One NIC is assinged to my FTP service which works great. Heres where I'm stuck at. Before switching to my 831 I had a basic Linksys where I could port forward my IP Address for that NIC with port 21. I have setup SDM with advanced firewall and added going to ETH1 to ETH0 FTP 21 and FTPData 20 to come in from the outside and vice versea to send out. I have tested and nothing is happening. I have also noticed that using FlashFXP does not work going to my web servers that are not in my network, they are accessible anywhere anytime. I can access the webservers using basic FTP with IE which isn't a fun to use. I need help with getting my router to allow FTP traffic in/out and to have FlashFXP working again.

Greatly appreciate the help & effort everyone puts in,


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Re: Configuring SDM on 831 to allow FTP traffic

when you use the CE as proxy for FTP, only the following applications are supported:

Command line FTP programs (Unix, DOS)

Reflection FTP


Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers for a URL with the "ftp"

protocol and no FTP Proxy configured for the browser

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Re: Configuring SDM on 831 to allow FTP traffic

I don't have any proxy setup at all. I was able to configure the router to passthrough ftp traffic to go out and works fine but I still can't get ftp traffic to come in. It is configured to passthrough ftp traffic to the ip for my server but still not connecting to the server.

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