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Configuring SSH on our WAN routers...

Hello, we are running two 2610's for a our WAN connectivity. The image version is 12.3 (6c).

From priviledged mode, when I type sh ssh, I get nothing in return.

Is there another ios image I need to upgrade to inorder to run ssh?



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Re: Configuring SSH on our WAN routers...


The information that you provided is about the version but does not mention the feature set. Within a given version some feature sets will support SSH and some will not. So if you identify the feature set we can give better advice about whether to upgrade.

Though I suspect that if you get no output to show ssh that you are running an image that does not support SSH and may need to upgrade. As a general thing feature sets that include support for encryption should support SSH and feature sets without support for encryption would not support SSH.



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Re: Configuring SSH on our WAN routers...

On one of our routers I rans sh ssh, and it showed my connection. When I connected via telnet, and ran the show ssh command it said no current ssh server connections, so I would guess that your IOS version does not support ssh. You can try going into config mode (I don't know why this is in configu mode, but that is where cisco put it) and typing:

crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048

Depending on the IOS version it or if it is an international version it may not support 2048 bit key (the max on our version). You can use the ? to see the key size etc. that you can generate. Some other commands related to ssh that you can try putting in the config to see if it supports ssh are :

ip ssh timeout 120

ip ssh authentication-retries 3

line vty 0 4

transport input telnet ssh

One you generate the key, and put commands above you should be able to ssh to the router or switch.

New Member

Re: Configuring SSH on our WAN routers...

This is the SSH FAQ. I believe you have to run Advanced Security or some similiar IOS.

The FAQ has a link to the Feature Navigator

Hope this helps.

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