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Confiuring a rendezvous point

I manage a network comprising multiple routers each configured with ip pim dense-mode, to enable IPTV multicast traffic.

A 3rd party now provides a fully managed service to one of my subnets, bordered by a Pixx firewall. The 3rd party claim IPTV traffic will not propagate to this subnet as the Pixx will not support ip pim dense-mode. They require ip pim sparse-dense-mode configured.

My question - can i simply configure my nearest router globally, as a RP, and confgure the corresponding interface as ip pim sparse-dense-mode? I've read a few articles and find myself completely lost!

Can my network continue to stream IPTV via the dense forwarding mode currently enjoyed, in addition to sparse-dense for a single site?

Thanks in advance


Re: Confiuring a rendezvous point

You definitely can have a combination of modes. If there is no RP for a group, a group "falls-back" to a dense mode operation. Meaning you can have some groups in SM with RP and others in plain DM.

But what you are asking seems more like "conversion" from SM to DM on the edge.

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Re: Confiuring a rendezvous point

Thanks for reply

To enable sparse-dense-mode to the 3rd party subnet only, could I therefore: -

1) have the 3rd party use my border router as a RP

2) configure interface with 3rd party in 'sparse-dense mode'

3) leave all other interfaces in network in 'dense-mode'?

Thanks in advance

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