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Confused Questions!!!!

Hello Net-Pro

I have a couples of questions?

1)in EIGRP if questions says Limit EIGRP on attached interfaces.Is that means we have

to use and Configure neighbor command instead of Network Keyword??

2)manual add of mac-address entry shoud Be on the main interface or on the Sub-interface?? Although

the ip address is configured on the sub-interface and on other end is configured on main interface????

3)RSVP AND CBWQ and max-reserved-bandwidth must be on the main serial interface or on the sub-interface

[[CBWFQ : Not supported on subinterfaces]]

4)What the follwoing errors mean?how can i FIX it???

SWitch(config-if)#service-policy input UDP

%Error: The field sets of all the ACEs in an ACL on Ethernet Switch interface should match.

Please refer to the Software Configuration Guide to understand one mask restriction for ACLs on Ethernet Switch interface.

%Error: FastEthernet1/5 Service Policy Configuration Failed.

5)I Want a PDF file that describe:How to design/configure LAN switching using MST Mode

Thanks a lot

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Re: Confused Questions!!!!


1) it should call for specific network commands EIGRP can use network address wildcard otherwise it will defaults to major network (A,B,C)

2) not clear to me. A mac address is learned within a broadcast domain, that can be a router subif on one side, a main interface on the other side (but with a switch in the middle)

3) main interface

4) you have tried to apply a service policy on a L2 switchport but it is not supported on the switch platform. The service policy uses an ACL some ACE access list statements can be conflicting or not supported


for C3750

for c6500

you can download the pdfs on the top right corner of the web page.

Hope to help


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Re: Confused Questions!!!!

thanks a lot

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