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connect Cisco 891 to isp


Im having some problems lately with our new site network configuration.

We have there new Cisco 891 router and from isp we have Zyxel P-660HN-T1A router/modem as isp connection termination and one public ip from isp.

Problem is, how to setup router for this to work with zyxell? we want to use GRE tunnels to create site to site vpn, but im completly lost.

Should zyxell be in routing/bridge mode?

Any thoughts please?



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If you use the Zyxel as a

If you use the Zyxel as a router, the public IP is on that device and is NATed to a private transfer-network that you have between the Zyxel and your 891.

For best flexibility, you should use a "DSL-Modem" in front of the router. With that the public IP is on your cisco 891 and you can use the whole features that your 891 offers.

Based on the Web-Description of the P660HN-T1A, the "Modem-Mode" is not supported on that device. I would try to get a different device that offers that flexibility.

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Hello KarstenThank you very

Hello Karsten

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes i was thinking about this too, but ISP doesnt offer any modem like this, without routing features.

Can you propose me some device like that?

Thank you

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My actual preferred device is

My actual preferred device is the Draytec Vigor 130 which is a combined VDSL2/ADSL2/2+ Router/Modem:

Or you could use a router with build-in DSL-interface like the 886VA/887VA.


Hi,I am not sure but i think


I am not sure but i think that P-660HN-T1A  supports bridge mode. So you shuld be able to obtain public IP form ISP directly on your Cisco router 891.

Please see link below




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Great finding! I also just

Great finding! I also just saw the Bridge-Mode mentioned in the user-guide on section "5.2.1 Manual Configuration".

It seems that it really should work with that device. 

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