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New Member

Connected routes - Up or Down


This is more of a theoretical question. Is there any way that a router can advertise its connected subnets without the interfaces needing to be up? I am using OSPF in this case.

I'll explain why I need this. When I configure a network for a customer and I send out the equipment I would then like to test if in a VPLS WAN the offices can ping each other. Yet, sometimes the customer takes a long time to connect anything to the "inside" LAN so I can't do that final test.

I could try to ping from one "inside" interface of one router to the other "inside" interface, but since there is nothing connected to it the routes to the networks are not advertised through OSPF.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


New Member

Re: Connected routes - Up or Down

Try > (no keep alive) on interface which will make it foucebly up.

HTH please rate

New Member

Re: Connected routes - Up or Down

That did it.


New Member

Re: Connected routes - Up or Down

It's not working for my DSL router.

Here is the interface config:

interface Ethernet0

ip address

ip nat inside

ip virtual-reassembly

no keepalive

hold-queue 100 out


I have tried removing most of the commands on this e0, except the NAT.

Can you see any reason why this wouldn't work?



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