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Connecting 2 WAN's at one Site

I am trying to get 2 WANs to communicate with each other at 1 site. There are 5 sites in all (Central Site and 4 Offices).

WAN1 is a Frame Relay to the Central Site. All of the routers on this are 3Com Routers.

WAN2 is a 56k Connection that is essentially the same as the FR. All of the routers on this site are Cisco 1700 Routers.

So each Site has 2 Routers; a 3Com and a Cisco 1700. All of the WANs are 100% working.

What I am trying to do is connect the two WANs at one site. At this site, Both the 3Com and Cisco are on the same Subnet, and physically connected to the same Switch.

The 3Com Ethernet ip is, and the Cisco ip is

With a host on this subnet (my PC Ip is I am able to ping all nodes on either WAN sucessfully. However, nodes at the other sites on the 3COM wan Site are unable to ping any node on the Cisco Wan.

For example, from the router at the Central Site, i can ping, but cannot ping, or any other node on the Cisco WAN.

Any suggestions on what I should be looking for? I can send Configs if this would help.



Re: Connecting 2 WAN's at one Site

Hi There

Could you please post the configs from the Cisco and 3Com routers please and also the routing tables.

Can I ask as far as each router is concerned, what is the mask used on the 192.168.3.x subnet and what configuration did you use on your PC when you could ping IP addresses on each WAN?

Best Regards,


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