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Connecting 2600 with 2500 cisco routers

The 2600 has wic T1 port. The 2500 has 2 AUIs and 2 Serial ports. What hardware/cable will make this possible? As you can see, I am new, very new at this.

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Re: Connecting 2600 with 2500 cisco routers

Sorry my mistake. The 2600 also has wic 1T serial interface. This interface is what I'd lkie to connect to either AUI or Serial ports on the 2500. So it is WIC 1T not WIC T1.


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Re: Connecting 2600 with 2500 cisco routers


You have two options to connect these routers. The 2500's AUI port is an old-style Ethernet port which requires a transceiver to connect to anything. This allowed one port to be used for twisted pair, coax, or fiber cable types. The 2600 should have an Ethernet port of some kind as well. (I would need to know the specific model to say what port configuration it has.) So, you could purchase an AUI transciever for Ethernet, and use an Ethernet crossover cable between them.

Option two is the slower serial route. The 2500 probably has a DB-60 serial connection, which is the same as the WIC-1T. These can be connected via a DTE-DCE serial cable. One end of this cable is marked "DCE", and the router to which it is connected should have a "clock rate" command applied under the interface. This is a common lab configuration.

Among other places, both transceivers and DTE-DCE cables can be found on online auction sites.

Jeff McLaughlin, CCIE #14023

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Re: Connecting 2600 with 2500 cisco routers


The routers are 2610 and 2514. Do I need an external csu/dsu together with DB-60? Or is it just the cables that I need to purchase?


Re: Connecting 2600 with 2500 cisco routers

If you are connecting back-back (two routers' cable connect directly), there is no need CSU/DSU or modem eliminator. One side will provide the clock (DCE side).

Check below for more info.

Hope this helps.

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