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Connecting a Layer 2 Switch to an ASA 5505

Hello, I have an ASA 5505 acting as a VPN concentrator.  It has VLAN 2, which faces the outside WAN and contains one port, and VLAN 1, which is the inside network that all other ports reside on.  I have a switch connected via an access port to an access port on VLAN 1 of the ASA, and no other VLANs exist on the switch besides VLAN 1.  Though I receive a connection if I plug a PC directly into my ASA, if plug it into my switch, I do not receive an IP address.

Is there any special configuration that must be done on the ASA to give my switch the VPN connection?  The link between the two is up/up, my hosts just can't get an IP.  Trying to keep things simple with using the switch like a hub.


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This is now resolved.  My

This is now resolved.  My ports were autonegotiating, but just for the sake of troubleshooting I adjusted the port speed and duplex on both the ASA and my switch.  It appears that I receive the proper connectivity when all ports are set to a speed of 10.  The connection doesn't work when on 100.  It may just be that my equipment is old.  If anyone is experiencing the same type of issue I had, just try changing the port speed.

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