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connecting a wap4400n to a wrt120n issue


  I have a wap4400n connected to a wrt120n (wired) and then the 120n is connected to the cable modem. Everything works fine for the most part.

  Here is the issue; only some things will connect to the internet thru the 4400n. Our cells all connect to it and so does the Wii but none of the laptops(3) will.

What I have tried:

1.resetting/rebooting everything in every combonation the 4400n a static IP

3."auto" channel selecting

4. tried changing the workgoup on the laptops

I am not maxing out the allowed connects either.

Also the laptops are getting the IP from the DNS server in the 120n when connected to the 4400n so I know they are at least talking to the 120n

I can connect the laptops to the internet thru just the 120n with no problems.

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance

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