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New Member

Connecting multiple segments

Good Morning.

I've got a question on how to combine subnets. I have 3 small closed networks, all utilzing a ip range of

These networks have no "outside" connectivity to the world and are located in 3 seperate physical locations.

To allow me to manage the applications and such that run on these networks, I am going to bring dedicated connections into a single location so that I can access these networks remotely.

Currently, I have a Point to point T1 connecting me to one network and I utilize Cisco 1841's on either end of that. However, I will pull fiber for connectivity to the other two nets. Both buildings are withing 500 feet of me.

What I want is to have all 3 networks have a Cicso router at the "network" end and a single router in my lan room that connects to all 3. Then, I want to be able to have one or more PC's to be able to connect to any of the 3 networks as needed.

Any thoughts as to the best method to implement this? I think the router side is pretty straight forward, but the PC connectivity is stumping me for the moment.

I'm thinking I can use the routing table and mac addresses of my machines, but I'm not sure.




Re: Connecting multiple segments

You could configure an extended access list on the router to which those PCs are connected allowing them to access other networks.

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