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Connecting office to datacenter

Hi Together,

we are currently planning to relocate some of our systems from our office into a datacenter. Basically our configuration is the following:


LAN and WLAN clients which should receive their IPs from the Datacenter DHCP ( Network)

development servers within the internal network

Local backup

Cisco ASA 5505 will be installed


Productive servers within the local and dmz network (Exchange, Web, etc.)

2 VLANS one for the DMZ (172.10.0 Network) and one for the internal network ( Network)

NAT Forwarding of public IPs to DMZ IPs

Cisco ASA 5505 will be installed

What we want to do:

All internet traffic is routed within the location

Clients in the office shall be able to reach any server on the network and servers shall be able to reach any client on the network (both office and datacenter)

My question is, can this be done with an ASA 5505 or do we require something else? Further what are your experiences in such a setup and what would be the best setup to make this setup work ?

Thank you very much


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Connecting office to datacenter


What i understand with above scenario is

Internal network ( >>>>>ASA>>>>>>>>DMZ (

okey as u mentioned u created 2 vlan ( DMZ & Internal ) on firewall & u want to route traffic in between of them

then as per my understanding u have to check is there any ACL on internal netwrok device if yes then pls allow there

& on ASA u need to allow on acl & as well as u need to check NAT option , becasue its thumb rule in firewall when u wan to communcate in between of any interface (i.e internal to external / DMZ ) u need to allow ACL & do the NAT

for NAT u can also try with NAT Zero config (means No nat ) vice versa

try it ................hope it will work .



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