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Connecting router to the WAN

Hi All,

As part of my design for a college course I have been asked to 'spec' the routers and also decide on what technology the data will be delivered on such as broadband or fibre however I need some guidance as I am very unsure if my understanding is right. 

Question 1.

Will I need a leased line for each of the separate interfaces going into the routers from each location? I know that this is theoretical but I am assuming that this would be very costly?  As it is for a business and downtime would be very costly I am thinking of leased lines using fibre optic (vdsl2).

Question 2

How would I connect the router to the WAN?  I am assuming that the lease fibre line would have a modem. Would I attach a the router to the modem using a serial cable via a serial wan interface card in the router?

I have been trying to work this out rather than ask but I am going round in circles.

Please note that this is a theoretical design and and not real life.  My lack of real life experience is obviously an issue when it comes to spec hardware but I have to start somewhere.




Re: Connecting router to the WAN

I don't know about England but in the US service providers generally terminate fiber into their own device, usually a switch, and the handoff to the customer is via Ethernet.

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Re: Connecting router to the WAN

Also, if you're specifying the hardware, you need to get an updated list. There's not a single device on that diagram still in production. I bet a new 2621xm hasn't been sold in 10 years.

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