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Connecting WAP4410N with 2 SSIDs to Catalyst 2960-s Switch

Hi all, new item being added into the connection...

I added Linksys RV-016 16-ports VPN Router into the connection.

RV-016 supported multiple subnets.

RV016 added.jpg

As mentioned in  ,

D-Link DIR-615 needs to be a device which could support multiple Vlan subnets.

But unluckily DIR-615 does not support multiple Vlan subnets.

Therefore I added Linksys RV-016 in the the combination of devices.

As what i found in RV-016 GUI setting, it supports multiple subnets.

RV-016 multiple subnets GUI.jpg

Purpose outline:

1. Have to create two different SSIDs.

     - SSID 1 for Management (able to view all other LAN devices)

     - SSID 2 for guest and staff (unable to view all other LAN devices)

2. Create two VLANs in catalyst 2960s.

3. Create two subnets in Linksys RV-016 to accept two Vlans from catalyst 2960s.

Anyone knows or have any experience of configuring RV-016 for the mentioned purpose above?

Urgently need help from all experts.

Thank you so much...


Re: Connecting WAP4410N with 2 SSIDs to Catalyst 2960-s Switch

I don't know about any of the devices you're working with, but whenever you're configuring multiple vlans on a WAP you need to trunk the port on the switch that the AP connects to. If the port on your 2960 is trunked, then whatever ssid the user connects to will be put into that vlan.

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