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Connection drops on Cisco 1721

I have a CISCO 1721 that connects our building to a remote location and we have a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 in WIC 0. The connection had been up and running fine for a long time and then all of a sudden in the last month we have times that our connection drops. Sometimes we can go days without having problems and then sometimes we can have problems several times a day. When this happens if I look at the router the WIC 0 ok light shows green but there are no lights on the WIC card including the CD light. If we restart the router on our end the connection will come back up. I have contacted the circuit carrier and each time they said that there is not problem with the circuit and they can test through to the CSU on the other end but they can only test to the Smart jack on our end can NOT test to the CSU. If I telnet to the router and do a sh int s0 it will show 2 input errors, 1 CRC, and 1 frame and 150 interface resets. Is it the WIC card or is there a problem with our router or what else can I look at?


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Re: Connection drops on Cisco 1721

Like everything else, troubleshoot one item at a time.

It sounds in this case that your WIC may have gone bad. If the line was dropping you would see an alarm light on the WIC. Do you have a spare WIC that you can put in there and try?

If you replace the WIC and still have issues, I would try another router next.



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