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connection problem over console port

thanks for your helping.

what is the problem?

CISCO2811, Integrated Services Router 2xFE, 4 WAN slots, 128 FL/512 DR (default specs)

they have default specifications like that,

the router are fully new.

after the router is powered on, the cursor is flashing; but anything is not coming on the screen.

i sell 3 CISCO2811 routers and want to connect over blue console cable with RS-232 usb-to-serial.


Cisco Employee

Re: connection problem over console port


If you didn't change the config register of the router and they are brand new, the default parameters for the console port are 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity. Could you double check that the software you use to console the router is configured with this parameter?

If you have other Cisco router, can you check if you can connect with the same software and blue cable?

And you have an other blue RJ45 cable that may be worth trying it as well.

The following documentation explains how to apply correct settings for terminal:

Those are the most common issues reported for this kind of problem:

  • Difference in baud rate and the bits per second value

  • Bad console cable

  • Scroll lock option is enabled on the keyboard (make sure that the scroll lock key is disabled on the Keyboard)

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