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Console Configuration Parameters

When setting up a console connection to a Cisco router from a PC, using some form of terminal emulation software, are there certain settings that must be configured, such as baud rate (eg. 9600), 8 bit, no parity, and so on ?


Re: Console Configuration Parameters

Hi there,

Typically, HyperTerminal and TeraTerm Pro will have compatible settings by default.

I use TeraTerm with the following :

Baud rate: 9600

Data: 8 bit

Parity: none

Stop: 1 bit

Flow Control: none

I've had no problems with this configuration; I've even performed device recovery via X-Modem transfer over that serial connection, without issue.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,



Re: Console Configuration Parameters

Settings on both sides must match. Default parameters are as Graeme listed.

If you prefer different parameters, you can set baud rate using configuration register:

Other parameters you can set under "line console 0" configuration mode. "stopbits" configure stopbits, and "parity" configures parity.

Speed increase might save you time, if you are loading software using XMODEM/YMODEM.

But otherwise default parameters should be enough.

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Re: Console Configuration Parameters

Yup, and I believe you gotten most of the defaults. (You didn't note flow control; believe off usually works.) Do note, however, the console can also be reconfigured. Which can be a problem if they have been changed from the normal defaults.

BTW, setting a higher baud rate, if supported, can be very helpful if you need to load an IOS image via the console.

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