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Console to Console connection

i have a delima, i have to routers out at a site, a 1721 and a 871. i have a console cable connecting the two, i can access the 1721 through telnet but not the 871. i thought i saw this done a few years back, but i saw someone able to console to the 871 from the console on the 1721. any help would be appreciated

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Re: Console to Console connection

i think you saw someone using the hyperterminal to console the other router.

hyperterminal can also be used as telnet by choosing the option: Connect to as "TCP/IP (Winsock)" then type on the host name the IP address of the router.

Re: Console to Console connection


AFAIK You need to have Terminal Server to cater your requirement.In TS you can configure different line config and have the octal cable which gets you connected to the different devices onto their console ports..

You can login onto the TS and access the devices connected with the cable..


Re: Console to Console connection

Hi there,

You can connect 2 Cisco routers using the console and Aux in 2 ways (only these 2 ways are applicable):

Aux-to-Con --> This is called reverse telnet in order to console access the router console from the Aux of another router. (The router using its Aux(or any Async port) to connect to console ports of other routers is called a Terminal/Comm Server)

Aux-to-Aux --> This is called back-to-back with null modem cable and PPP between them for example.

Technically speaking 2 routers can't be connected console to console.

HTH, please rate if it does,

Mohammed Mahmoud.

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Re: Console to Console connection

i found out you actually can't communicate console to console, like mohammedmahmoud said you can go aux to console. i got it to work and it works like a charm.


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