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Contradictory EIGRP topology table info....

During class last night our instructor said that not all learned routes are placed in the EIGRP top table. But the Cisco book (Cisco Press 4th Ed BSCI exam guide) I am reading says: "The topology table has a record not only of feasible successors and successors, but also of all received routes" p. 73

But while researching it after class, I found this article:

"This is why routes that have Reported Distances larger than the Feasible Distance are not entered into the Topology table, so that they can never be considered as successors, since the route is likely to loop back through that local router."

So, are all learned routes in the topology table or not?

Thank you,


Update: I asked this question in the Cisco Learning Network, and I got this response and just want to confirm its response (I only have had one response so far):

Hi Jimmy,

This is not so quite documented thing. Here is how things are:

•with command "show ip eigrp topology" you see only successors and feasible successors

•with command "show ip eigrp topology all-links" you see the whole EIGRP topology table, including information that do not comply to the feasibility rule.

So to answer your question, all learned "routes" are placed in the topology table, though visible with a more advanced command. I say "routes" as they are not quite routes, but the term is used widely.

Thank you for your input,



Re: Contradictory EIGRP topology table info....

All information is kept in the eigrp database, specific relevant information is populate in the routing table & topology table.


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Re: Contradictory EIGRP topology table info....


The answer you got from the Cisco Learning Network is correct. All routes are stored in the topology table.

Depending on the command you use it will show you the entire contents of the topology table or just the successors/feasible successors.


Re: Contradictory EIGRP topology table info....

Got it, thank you for your 2nd and 3rd opinions. I also found the answer here for those interested:

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