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Converting IP to X.25 translations

We are currently migrating to a new platform, which all of our users will be on TCP/IP.  Though most of our users are converting from X.25 to IP, some users won't be ready to convert from X.25 prior to the migration.  We will be using a router to convert IP to X.25 communication.

We need to have the IP users translated to the corresponding users still on X.25.  I have applied the translate commands (no XOT or STUN) with the associated IP Users (TCP) address and port number to the 121 (X25) address, but when I enter the command, I get an error stating the IP User's address is already in use or not connected to the subnet.  The IP User's address is on the subnet and is able to ping from the router, but it will not allow me to associate the 121 User address.  What are your suggestions and/or possible solutions? 

We do not want to use XOT or STUN, we just want a basic translation from TCP to X25.

Please Advise.

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Converting IP to X.25 translations

More information would be needed.

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Converting IP to X.25 translations

A picture of what your doing would be nice.

I've only ever seen X25 on serial ports. Where typically PC's and other end user equipment is ethernet. What are you trying to do?


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