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copy ios on compact flash


i have 3845 router i have download a new ios and want to copy that ios on compact flash. how can i do that.


Re: copy ios on compact flash

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Re: copy ios on compact flash


i have already checked the above link. how should i know that compact flash is working, and which command do i need to issue in order to copy ios from tftp to compact flash.

My compact flash is inserted into router already. but when i issue command sh flash: the output is as follow:Directory of flash:/

1 -rw- 16345060 Feb 01 2008 21:04:08 +00:00 c3845-ipbase-mz.124-3i.bin

2 -rw- 1826 Feb 01 2008 21:12:00 +00:00 sdmconfig-38xx.cfg

3 -rw- 6036480 Feb 01 2008 21:12:30 +00:00 sdm.tar

4 -rw- 861696 Feb 01 2008 21:12:48 +00:00 es.tar

5 -rw- 1164288 Feb 01 2008 21:13:06 +00:00 common.tar

6 -rw- 1038 Feb 01 2008 21:13:20 +00:00 home.shtml

7 -rw- 113152 Feb 01 2008 21:13:32 +00:00 home.tar

8 -rw- 1697952 Feb 01 2008 21:13:52 +00:00 securedesktop-ios-

9 -rw- 416354 Feb 01 2008 21:14:08 +00:00 sslclient-win-

is it internal flash output or compact flash output?

Super Bronze

Re: copy ios on compact flash

Likely your directory is of internal flash.

There's an option to the directory command to show all. (Something like /allfilesystem - I'm not at a Cisco router to check syntax.)

If you're using "brand X" compact flash, it might not be recognized by the router. You also might need for format within the router.

New Member

Re: copy ios on compact flash

thanks for your reply, the following is the output of show file system:

sh file systems

File Systems:

Size(b) Free(b) Type Flags Prefixes

- - opaque rw archive:

- - opaque rw system:

491512 482579 nvram rw nvram:

- - opaque rw null:

- - network rw tftp:

* 63995904 32714752 disk rw flash:#

- - opaque ro xmodem:

- - opaque ro ymodem:

- - network rw rcp:

- - network rw pram:

- - network rw ftp:

- - network rw http:

- - network rw scp:

- - network rw https:

- - opaque ro cns:

how do i format compact flash card.


Re: copy ios on compact flash

if your talking about the CF card on the front of the router try sh slot0:

the CF on the Main-board is Flash: the one on the front (I know some think of it as the back) is Slot0:

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Re: copy ios on compact flash

format device:

New Member

Re: copy ios on compact flash


The "show slot 0 " commnad is not available. how should i access that compact flash. My version is 3800 Software (C3845-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(3i), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2).

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Re: copy ios on compact flash

Are you using Cisco CF?

Hall of Fame Super Blue

Re: copy ios on compact flash

Try doing

dir /all

and see what it comes back with. Also try

dir slot0:

dir disk0:


Re: copy ios on compact flash


sh s?

its "sh slot0:"

no space between the t and the zero

and its possible that you need the colon

you might try looking over "Show file systems" this will list all file systems on the router