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copy tftp flash

Can someone explain i have to configure why 0x2101 before upgrading IOS into the router.

2. Does line vty 0 4 means Its only 5 concurrent telnet access allow on a router at same time.?

3.How can i get ACS software from cisco, its saying I need an account.


Re: copy tftp flash

1) 0x2101 loads the config on re-boot of the device. 0x2142 bypasses loading the config on re-boot.

2) Yes

3) You have to have an account with Cisco that allows you to D/L demo software - or just buy it.


Re: copy tftp flash


1.conf-reg should be 0x2102

2.If you want to boot the router with IOS normally , you need to se this to 0x2102

3.You need to buy ACS software from cisco/reseller/channel partner,they may provide you the account detials..

See below




Current Value (in hexadecimal): 0x2102

Current Value (in binary): 0010 0001 0000 0010

Default Value (in hexadecimal): 0x2102

Default Value (in binary): 0010 0001 0000 0010

General Software Configuration Register Bit Meanings (left to right):

Bit(s) Meaning: Current Status

----- ------------------------------------------- --------------

15 Enables diagnostic messages and ignores NVRAM contents: No

14 IP broadcasts do not have net numbers: No

13 Boots default ROM software if network boot fails: Yes (default)

. Setting this bit causes the system to load the helper image from ROM

without any network retries. Clearing this bit causes the system to load

image from ROM after six unsuccessful attempts to load a boot file from

the network.

11-12 Console Baud Rate in bps: 9600 (default)

10 IP broadcast with all zeros : No

. This causes the following setting based on bits 14 and 10

Net all ones, Host all ones (default)

9 Reserved

8 Break disabled: Yes (default)

. Clearing this bit causes the processor to interpret Break as a command

to force the system into the bootstrap monitor, halting normal operation.

A Break can be sent in the first sixty seconds while the system reboots,

regardless of the configuration settings.

7 Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) bit enabled: No

. Enabling the OEM bit disables the boot strap messages at start up.

6 Ignore NVRAM contents: No (default)

. Setting this bit causes the system software to ignore nonvolatile

memory contents during next bootup

5 Not used

4 Reserved

3-0 Current boot field value is 0010 (default)

. This causes the system to boot the image from default boot filename

"cisco2-s72033_rp" if boot from flash fails.

Note: Enabling the boot system command override the default filename

for booting over the network from a TFTP server.

More notes for s72033_rp devices:

. IOS reads the config-register in littleendian byte order, LSB first

(i.e. 0x21022 becomes 0x1022 or a 1200 baud console).

. Command to change config-reg in ROM mode:

confreg {register value}

REFERENCE: For more information, see Configuration Register.

INFO: On power-up or reload, this router will load the IOS image stored in flash-RAM

(assuming one exists). If no valid IOS image or flash-RAM exists, this router

will attempt to boot in order of following methods:

- boot system commands

- a TFTP-server (using a default IOS image filename)

- boot-ROM (reduced IOS image, if one is available)

INFO: On power-up or reload, this router will load it's configuration from a file

stored in NVRAM.

Yes , 5 concurrent telnet sessions will be allowed


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