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Copy TFTP locked me out

I had to use a console cable and confreg to break into a router that I copied a new config into.

I saved the current config to a TFTP server, made my changes (we were swapping ISPs so just changing IP addys), and once I did "copy tftp startup", I was locked out.  I am trying to figure out WHY This happened so I never do it again!

There were some lines that began with aaa , and I think I read somehwere those will not treat you kindly if you import them to the router.

I also noticed if I did "copy tftp running", that the config would "merge", i.e. I would wind up with some duplicate statements, one with the old IPs and one with the new IPs.   Is that normal?

Thanks to anyone who chooses to shed a little light on this, I appreciate it!

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Re: Copy TFTP locked me out

By "locked out" I mean the router would deny me telnet access, so it was more than just a username password issue.  I tried many ways to break in with SDM, all to no avail!

Re: Copy TFTP locked me out

aaa has bit me many, many times. Since you couldn't telnet it sounds like an ACL was your problem? Now that you've learned the hard way I'll make the obvious statement to triple check any aaa commands before entering them.

The "reload in x" command issue'd before you make any risky changes. Just be sure to cancel the reload once your safe.

You can also use snmp to reboot the router or enter a command if necessary.


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