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Creating a new class-map under a policy-map

While reading the online Net Academy material I came across this quote:

"A nonexistent class can also be used within the policy-map configuration mode if the match condition is specified after the name of the class. The running configuration will reflect such a configuration by using the match-any strategy and inserting a full class map configuration." - ONT v5 3.4.5

The figure that goes along with it says:

"router(config-pmap)#class class-name condition

Optionally, you can define a new class map by entering the condition after the name of the new class map.

Uses the match-any strategy."

I have tried this on various 2600s and 2811s with varying IOS versions up to 12.4(14b) and have not been able to do what the material says. I also did not see this listed on's online documentation. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is true that I can do this and if so how?


Re: Creating a new class-map under a policy-map

If nothing is specified in the class-map command, it assumes it to be match-all.

i.e the default match condition is match-all unless match-any is specified explicitly.


Even i had tried once to use something like u stated but it didnt work out and if i recall correctly the IOS was around 12.3 version.

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