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CSM Load Balancing technical issues

Hello sir,

I am using CSM to load balance my two Apache/tomcat servers. I went for "netmask" stickiness setting based on source IP.

My application IE client is using two hops with http request. Since we have enabled Single sign-on, the first time i send a request , the server responses with 401 response, then the client send the kerberos ticket with credentials to the server.

So there are 2 hops, I wantmy CSM to maintian session stickiness to the same server.So we enabled "netmask" stickiness on CSM.

Now when we test the environemnt, without CSM it is working fine.The communication is happening well with http protocol. But when we enable CSM and netmask, we are not able to find any http reuqest on the server side. The two hops are going to same server, but information about the ticket is not reaching the Apache/tomcat. We confirmed this using Ethereal tool.

Please help us in the above scenario.

Community Member

Re: CSM Load Balancing technical issues

Hello sir,

I confirmed the above scenario.

I am not receving any ticket from the client , in the server side.

The request is being routed to the same server by the load balancer, but the infomration about the ticket is missing . SO authentication fails.

Please help me foward.

Thanks in advance



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