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CSS 11503 redirect regular expression as parameter


we are using LoadBalancers 11503 to let users go to internal webservices (via a portal). For this reason we have several services and contentrules defined.

Now we want to implement a rule that allows a user to be redirected to a specific webserverpage depending on what his initial url is.


should be redirected to something like

This is very easy if we are talking of 1 or 2 applications to register for, but we already have 37 applications, which we all want to make accessible via the same principle: take part <applic1> from initial url and post it in the redirect-url as paramter. With this, <applic1> can be re-used by a whole bunch of values.

I know in Unix this can be done with "positional" params in Regular Expressions (RE):

http.*register-(.*) will result in a $1 having the value that stands between the brackets, which would redirect to$1

Is something like this possible in CSS 11500, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Jan Sneyers


Re: CSS 11503 redirect regular expression as parameter

check out the following link on Configuring Redirects on the CSS 11000 , hope this helps :

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Re: CSS 11503 redirect regular expression as parameter

Hi, sorry for the late answer, but I had some vacation.

I went through this document, and I already knew a part of it (redirection in Contentrules).

I tried to solve this topic by the second option (service with domain-redirect), but the problem is that I need to pass a domain larger than 64 bytes (71 to be precise): I need to take it through a portal (first http.... and then add the real internal server, second http...), with a result as

So, not a very good solution.

I'm really looking for something that can be done on the CSS itself, but seems impossible to find.

Any help still very much appreciated.

Jan Sneyers.

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