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New Member

Curiousity on T1 to T1 configurations

Quick question I have on T1 WIC configurations. I'm doing a test at home... I have the following for my lab:

3620 (1 T1 DSU/CSU)

2501 (2 ser, 1 eth)

2 x 3810's (1 3810V w/MFT-T1-RF's, APM-FXS-RF's)

2524 w/ all WIC's (4-wire 56/64-kbps DSU/CSU, Fractional T1/T1 DSU/CSU, serial x 2)

I'm using my 3620 as an MGCP gateway for VoIP/Security studies using IOS 12.3(21) IP/FW/IDS/etc...

I wanted to tinker more with the WIC's using frame-relay but am unsure if I can configure say a T1 WIC as if I provisioned it for a company, piped into another T1 WIC. Maybe a crossover?

E.g.: 3620(T1 WIC) --> rollover --> 2524(T1 WIC) or vice versa then using preconfigured configurations for VoIP.

I'm a bit lost on how to do something similar. Bottom line, I want to use either a 3810 or the 2524 as if I were a customer getting T1 service (frame-relay, or other) and that router that is getting traffic, is getting it from another router using that other router's T1 interface. Is this possible? I tried searching some of my books (ICND, BCMSN, BSCN, BCRAN, CCIE Large Scale IP, etc.) and have not come across anything even close to what what I would like to do. Any thoughts? TIA


Re: Curiousity on T1 to T1 configurations

If you want to create a back to back T1 connection between the routers you can use an E1 crossover cable to connect them.

This would simulate a p2p connection.

If you want to simulate a FR cloud, then you would require a 3rd router which acts as a frame relay switch.

HTH, rate if it does


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