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Datacenter EDGE routers

Can someone suggest a high level Data Center EDGE Router utilizing multiple BGP feeds?

Can someone tell me the difference between a 7600 and 6500 would be when choosing a Data Center EDGE Router/s?

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Re: Datacenter EDGE routers

Are the BGP feeds Internet tables? How many is multiple? How much bandwidth will also be passing through the box? What type of interfaces?

In general, high level data center routers might include, in (approximate) increasing performance: 72xx, 73xx, (new) ASR 1000, 6500/7600.

Re: 6500 vs. 7600; the former is a multilayer LAN switch, the latter is a high performance WAN router.

Don't be confused by the fact that they support most of the same sups, and many of the same line cards, and even, until recently, could run the same software image, e.g. s3223-ipservices_wan-mz.122-18.SXF13.bin.

The 6500 series supports additional LAN oriented line cards, like the various service modules. The 7600 series supports additional WAN line cards. The recent split in software trains, 6500 SXH vs. 7600 SR, emphasis LAN vs. WAN. So, for a Data Center Edge within the LAN, prefer the 6500, for Data Center WAN Edge, prefer the 7600.

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Re: Datacenter EDGE routers

4 Fiber gigE Handoff links of 100Mbps. 2 links per router in iBGP connection.

Needs capability to scale to 10 Gbps or more for Internet bandwidth.

These will receive full BGP routes from each ISP and now we are up to what 240k routes?

I know that the sup720-3B's support only 256k routes so these would not be a good choice for future?

There are many ISPs that are "lit" in our building/data center so I dont think we would ever need to personally run sonet but let the ISP terminate the connection and provide us the fiber handoffs. I'm still trying to learn exactly how these ISPs attach to the national backbone/terminate connections/etc. Anyone have any articles or urls for interesting reading regarding how to setup an ISP and provide customers bandwidth?

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Re: Datacenter EDGE routers

Regarding your concern of the 3B supporting only 250k routes, any of the XL variants (WS-SUP720-3BXL, VS-S720-10G-3CXL, RSP 720-3CXL, RSP 720-3CXL-10GE), handle 1 million IPv4 routes.

The ASR 1000 series also supports 1 million IPv4 routes (but only 250k IPv6, unlike the XLs, above, which support 500k). The ESP10 is rated as supporting 10 gig.

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