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DDNS Update for to update TWO domains?

Hello everyone,

I've registered years a domain at, and used 'ip ddns update' to dynamically update IP automatically from router, w/o any issue.

It reads as:

ip ddns update method dyndns


add http://<DynDNS_Username:DynDNS_password><h>&myip=<a>&wildcard=ON&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG&

interval maximum 1 0 0 0

(yes, 24h interval is not what Dyndns recommends, but it works!)


interface Dialer0

ip ddns update hostname <mydomain>

ip ddns update dyndns host

I've recently registered a domain name in *.fr and configured my router to send this update to registrar, and it works fine too (nearly same syntax as above)

=> Question:

Is it possible that router sends TWO updates when Dialer0 comes up, one for *.fr registrar AND one for I can set two methods on IOS (each one with its own name), but I can only activate one in dialer0 - command 'ip ddns update hostname ' may be entered only once.

Of course, an alias is still possible, but really wanna do that with the router.

FYI, router is a 877.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

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