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Deciding between a partial DS3 and metro ethernet

We are in the process of upgrading the bandwidth at a few offices. Each currently have a 2xT-1 connection but have high utilization on the circuit which is why they are being upgraded. We are trying to decide b/t either a partial DS3 or metro ethernet connection. Are there pros/cons b/t the two in order to help decide which to go with? Cost is not an issue. Some say going with a partial DS3 circuit offers benefits over metro ethernet such as network-based failover, end-to-end availability is better with DS-3 and QoS.

Thx in advance for any advice provided.

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Re: Deciding between a partial DS3 and metro ethernet

I would choose metro-ethernet without any doubt.

It's a simpler, faster, more scalable technology that belongs century.

You can carry VLANS on it and it doesn't involve costly interfaces.

DS3 does not offer nothing of the above.

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Deciding between a partial DS3 and metro ethernet

DS3 router interface cards are costly and may require a upgraded router platform.  Ethernet is the better choice.

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Deciding between a partial DS3 and metro ethernet


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I too would recommend the Ethernet hand-off, but whoever recommended DS3 might have confused the media with the devices using it.  Often only routers would support a DS3 serial interface, while any Ethernet device might connect to the Ethernet hand-off.  A common problem of the latter, Ethernet hand-offs for MAN or WAN might benefit from features not routinely found on typical LAN Ethernet devices.  As long as you use a device that can provide the features you need for your Ethernet hand-off, the latter is generally a better media choice.

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