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Decode show buffer on catalyst 6509 with VS720

understand that "show buffer" on most Cisco routers (e.g c3845) list the memory buffer that hold the packets to be processed by the software CPU like in situation of process switched traffic. In a Cat6500 with VS720 engine. What did the "show buffer" output provide?

I had a cat6509 that give the following:

It indicate 2 "Huge" buffers allocated by only 1 in free-list all the time.. Also there are some misses counts.. Is there a concern for this case?

#sh buffers


Huge buffers, 18024 bytes (total 10, permanent 2, peak 10 @ 7w0d):

1 in free list (1 min, 13 max allowed)

6400 hits, 4 misses, 0 trims, 8 created

0 failures (0 no memory)

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Re: Decode show buffer on catalyst 6509 with VS720

Hello Yong,

you should be fine these numbers are not terrible.

4 misses and 6400 hits.

You may want to enable buffer autotuning to see if the system changes these values.

Hope to help


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Re: Decode show buffer on catalyst 6509 with VS720

Is buffer autotuning feature supported on Cat6509 with VS720? Will it impact service on the switch during execution?

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