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Default gateway mystery

I currently have two sites, HQ and remote office. Both remote site and internet traffic comes in as a fiber link carrying two vlan (one for internet, other for remote office)

onto my main router, which I used subinterface and route the traffic to relevent interfaces.

Remote offic can ping and access my servers in HQ, HQ can access remote site and also the internet.

Remote office router gateway the gateway for all remote office PC. This router have two static route.

ip route <- ISP router

ip route

Strangly the internet traffic cannot be routed correctly. tracert show is goes missing somewhere in 10.1.1.X.

But if I change the remote office PC gw to point to my HQ gw. They can access the HQ and internet.

Why is this I losing my mind or the ISP is out to make fun of me??

Community Member

Re: Default gateway mystery


I don't really understand your problem description. Maybe a network diagram will help.

Anyway, can you please ensure you have the command "ip classless" on your remote office router?

Why do you configure two static routes on your remote office router, pointing to the same next hop? In your case, I think configuring "ip route" will suffice. Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Lim TS

Community Member

Re: Default gateway mystery

got it to work by using policy route!

the static route is the major cultprit. It keep forcing the defualt route to the gateway and took short cut in the return path is not there.

but if i take the defualt route out, nothing works.

so i have to force incoming traffic from the remote office to go to my local gateway instead.

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